Areas of Expertise

Financial Analysis

Coordinated $50 million leveraged acquisition of US-based multinational group with subsidiaries in Belgium, Denmark, France, the United Kingdom, and Hong Kong.
Collaborated with institutional lenders, domestic and foreign law firms, and foreign chartered accountants to carry out above deal. Provided complex structural planning models and solved "deal busting" EU corporate directive problems.
Solved S-corp/C-corp technical problems, facilitating $50+ million corporate divestiture, and provided guidance on a $6 billion tax-free 50/50 business combination comprising significantly appreciated and depreciated assets.
Built a comprehensive, interactive, planning model for a business combination that translated complex IRS "minimum gain/chargeback" into dollars results based on varied 5-year financial result projections.
Devised, explained, and implemented aggressive Alternative Minimum Tax solutions.

International Taxation

Designed, and prepared transfer pricing evaluation and PATA compliant documentation packages. Implemented third party canned transfer pricing package.
As member of international tax committee, traveled extensively overseas, provided multinational tax consulting services, and developed and instituted international tax, training programs.
Coordinated international activities including advising on establishment of foreign operations, provision of transfer pricing methodology.
Developed and implemented common tax provision package for multiple foreign subsidiaries.
Conducted Canadian GST audit with concurrent development of new GST compliance procedures.
Developed broad competence in international rules and their interplay with the broad range of federal tax topics including: foreign taxation: permanent establishment; VAT/GST; withholding; employment taxes; tax treaties; choice of entity, record keeping, reporting, and disclosure.
Delivered timely, cost effective, advice on a daily basis throughout a 50 office, 120 partner, firm on a wide range of domestic and foreign international tax topics.

Public Accounting

Under one year contract, managed tax department through firm’s "smoothest and least stressful ever" tax season.
Counseled tax personnel through difficult tax issues.
Established an issue-reporting format, assigned staff to numerous current-development projects.
Broke through work processes logjam and converted the firm to a multi-jurisdictional, integrated tax compliance software.
Managed 11.5% year to year tax department, productivity increase over busy season, accounting for 99% of the firm-wide productivity increase of 1.9% during same period, with firm realization increasing 5% over the same period.
Acquired significantly increased research capability while retaining 100% of the firms prior research tools, at an overall lower cost.
Established productivity goals related to chargeable hours, business growth, and service delivery. PA
Retained 100% of client base in 16-month period following acquisition.
Transitioned staff and clients into new culture following acquisition of former firm’s Cleveland office.
Significantly enhanced firm's capabilities in LLC/partnership usage.
Following ownership change, identified new opportunities that melded with new organization and secured new client financial institution and SEC relationships, while increasing personal billings 15%.
Provided hands-on leadership for successful IT conversions.
Forged relationship with major commercial clients, which contributed significantly to growth of Cleveland office’s revenue from $887,000 to $1,281,000 and personal book of business from $140,000 to over $500,000 over four years.